About apollosome
Established in 2019, apollosome Technology is committed to the information services of colleges and universities, and has introduced the ISMS information security management system. Since its establishment, it has served many universities and its main business is the development and maintenance of web information systems. It has two product lines, "apollosome Technology Academic Website Management System" and "Activity Registration Management System", and cooperates with Chung Cheng University in multiple sets of "in-school information systems". In addition to the core system, it also provides integrated services such as layout design, system integration, module development, maintenance consulting, SEO, and Google Analytics.

The new system development adopts the MVC architecture, which divides the system into three basic parts: Model, View and Controller, which makes it possible to reuse the components of the system and speed development And the scalability reaches the cutting edge of modern software development process.

The new system adopts agile (Aglie) development process. Compared with the traditional development model, the new system emphasizes the intensive communication between the company and the customer, as well as the collaboration between the team and the team. Rapid and continuous delivery of available system components to complete products that meet the expectations of both parties.